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Company profile
ASML is a Dutch company and currently the largest supplier in the world of photolithography systems for the semiconductor industry. The company manufactures machines for the production of integrated circuits (ICs). The photolithography machines manufactured by ASML are used in the production of computer chips. ASML’s corporate headquarters is in Veldhoven, Netherlands. It is also the location for research, development, manufacturing and assembly. ASML has a worldwide customer base and over sixty service points in sixteen countries.
Job discription
Product: Connection of wafer stage to the testrig and placement (including a.o. leak testing) of Position Modules;
Mechanical adjustments;
Functional testing of the wafer stage and / or Position Modules Analysis and solving of minor disturbances as well as escalation of major disturbances;
Disconnection of wafer stage and transfer to upstream customer. Process: Plan and prioritize own work;
Report, inform and escalate correctly and timely on progress and status;
Identify structural issues and support Engineering during diagnostics;
Actively seek for relevant knowledge;
Share and train knowledge and skills.


Able to work in multi-disciplinary teams within a high-tech environment;
Able to deal with, or even enjoy, high degree of uncertainty and pressure;
Independent, pro-active, flexible team player;
Analytical: Solving problems;
Methodical: Can work according to standard work practices;
Assertiveness: In the lead to process engineering and development;
Eager to learn and expand skills; Willing to share and train knowledge and skills;
Willing to work in a 7x24 (5 shifts) schedule;
Able to work alone including night shifts;
HBO with 1-5 years of experience or MBO with 5-7 years of experience in Electrical / electronics, mechanical, mechatronics or aerospace engineering.
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Overige informatie


Vincent Bakers
T: (040) 2906 976
M: (06) 3058 9491

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  • Wilco Crone  
  • Techniek  
  • 23-01-2017 
  • Full time baan  

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